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Contract manufacturing

Contract production -  is production to order completed by an independent manufacturer who provides a full compliance with the technological cycle and executes the high quality finished product constructed in accordance with the demands of the client.

Advantages of Contract Production

  • You won't waste time on maintaining production facilities, mastering the technology and selecting qualified personnel. The Terminus enterprise possesses extensive experience, the technology and ability to create almost any towel warmer model according to the drawings.
  • You will have an opportunity to expand your company's product portfolio fast and at a reasonable price
  • You will be able to control your budget more efficiently
  • You will have the ability to concentrate on promoting your own productAs a result, you will be able to obtain higher profits

Contract production at Terminus is:

  • Scrupulous quality control of the finished product
  • Compliance with the conditions of the contract
  • A unique assortment of products
  • Competitive prices
  • Promotion assistance
  • The possibility of providing full access to all construction documents

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