> Cooperation


In the course of doing business on the market of towel warmers Terminus has been able to build solid and lasting relationships with all its partners. It is mainly thanks to the competent commercial politics taking account the interests of both sides.

Building relationships with partners, Terminus always aims at keeping in mind the specifics of the clients' businesses, their needs and wishes. The high quality of Terminus' service, the observance of corporate ethics rules and negotiated terms are the unvarying constants of the enterprise.

What Terminus offers its clients:

  • A stable storage program which allows to claim the goods whenever it is convenient for the client
  • Timeliness of order completion – no more than 3 days (72 hours)
  • Individualized approach – a personal manager available for assistance, special conditions offers for verified partners. Time of feedback – no more than 3 hours
  • Training programs aimed at providing more information about products and efficient logistics
  • Marketing and advertising support includes providing catalogues, brochures, POS materials and souvenir merchandise, in accordance with the confirmed Partnership program
  • Design standards of retail points developed for the client's use – the use of professional tools of effective merchandising, a customized approach to each and every retail point. Our methods enable sales increases by no less that 27%.
  • Assortment matrices – providing a most balanced and desired range of products
  • Regional warehouses owned by the manufacturer

Special conditions for different business categories:

  • For dealer clients
  • For designers
  • For builders

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