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Installation guide

Towel warmers should be installed by certified professionals only!

There are several methods of installing towel warmers connected to heating systems and hot water supply systems. The choice of the appropriate method depends on the shape of the piece, pipe diameter and bathroom layout.

  • Series (consecutive) installation. The main line of the hot water supply system is cut into and the piece is installed in the place of the cut.
  • Parallel installation. The connecting pipes of the towel warmer are connected to the branch pipe of the hot-water supply system. A by-pass is installed in-between. This method of installation simplifies running the towel warmer and compensates for pressure changes in the water pipes.

Depending on the model, a towel warmer can have a:

  • lateral connection. Hot water enters the top part of the piece and flows out of the lower part on the same side of the towel warmer.
  • lower connection. Water enters and flows out the lower connecting pipes of the towel warmer.

The former method is used for П-, М- and some ladder-shaped models. The latter is commonly used for more complex designer models (“Ladder”, “Wave”, etc.).

Towel Warmer: Assembly

Sequence of assembly steps for water towel warmers

 Installing a towel warmer requires professional skills and the use of special tools. That's why it has to be conducted by certified professionals only. The work is divided into several steps.

  • Turning off hot water supply
  • Taking down the old tower warmer and tiles. A screw-thread part is welded onto the pipes of the hot water supply.
  • A bypass is installed (the joint will make it possible to conduct repairs and/or replace the towel warmer without turning off the hot water supply).
  • Stop-valves are installed onto the bypass. Two of them are installed in places designated for connecting the towel warmer. One is placed in the centre and serves to turn off water supply in the bypass.
  • Fitting. The connection places should correspond to the configuration of the new piece.
  • Fastening hardware is installed. Water sockets are installed to fasten the towel warmer. These are special connection elements that enable connecting the plumbing fixture via eccentrics. Water sockets are installed at the depth of the screw-thread part and are securely fastened.
  • Connecting the towel warmer.
  • Water tightness check.
  • Finishing. Fastening elements and pipes are concealed, the tile is laid.

The correct installation of the towel warmer guarantees that the circulation of heat carrier in the hot water supply system will not be disrupted and the water temperature in taps will remain unchanged.

M- and П-shaped models are supplied with reflector stands. The ladder models are also equipped with decorative caps, a peg and a Mayevsky tap to avoid airlocks. If the client wishes so, we can provide a full set of accessories necessary for the installation service of the towel warmer. We offer high quality time-tested fittings.

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Installation diagrams for side and bottom connections.