> Guarantee conditions

Guarantee conditions

For hydronic towel warmers

Warranty obligations

  • Towel warmers come with a 10 year manufacturer's guarantee after the sale date, on condition that
  • Installation rules and the rules of use have been observed, as well as storage and transportation conditions
  • The warranty does not cover accessory details: pegs, caps with an air eliminator (mayevsky tap), fillers, eccentrics, stop-valves.
  • The client can use accessories (pegs, caps with an air eliminator (mayevsky tap), fillers, eccentrics, stop-valves) offered by the manufacturer or purchase them separately.
  • Towel warmers have an indefinite life cycle.

 Warranty service may be denied in cases when

  • The rules of installation were not observed or it was not performed by certified specialists;
  • The sequence of connecting was not adhered to (see diagram 1, diagram 2);
  • The rules of storage, transportation and use were not observed;
  • The piece was repaired or modified by third parties;
  • The piece was mechanically damaged;
  • The piece was exposed to chemicals;
  • The piece broke down due to the owner's misuse;
  • The piece was damaged due to natural disaster, fire, other domestic factors;
  • The piece shows signs of electrocorrosion.

A towel warmer that malfunctions within the terms of warranty is to be returned, with the inclusion of its certificate stamped by the technical quality department and the warranty ticket (which should indicate the date of sale, information about the date of installation and a filled-out return form) via the retailer network, complete with all parts and an indication of the cause of return. If the date of sale is left blank, the warranty period is counted from the date of manufacture.

For electric towel warmers

Warranty obligations

  • The manufacturer guarantees the towel warmer's compliance with the standard ту 25.99.29-001-63502961-2017. Warranty is in effect as long as the customer observes the rules of transportation, storage and use of the piece prescribed in the technical manual and certificate, as well as provided that the installation has been performed by a party who has a permit to conduct such installation works.
  • The warranty term for an electric towel warmer is 2 years.