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If you choose towel warmers, a review will help determine the optimal model. The fact is that such devices are produced by a huge number of firms. The market is very diverse, and therefore you can get confused when choosing. In order to navigate, it is worthwhile to dwell on each of the types of towel dryers in detail.

Types of towel rails

Comparison of different types of towel rails should begin with the question, what is the device with these devices. All of them can be divided into two broad categories:

  • Water. The heat carrier is hot water circulating in the heating system, and therefore there are no additional costs during operation. However, the operation of the device depends on the supply of hot water;
  • Electric. Heating is carried out at the expense of heating elements or heating cable installed inside the pipe. Convenience is the ability to adjust the temperature using a thermostat, the inconvenience is that the device consumes electricity, which means that its operation is more expensive than the operation of a water-type model.