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Technologies and equipment

Terminus Equipment

The Terminus equipment has been developed in collaboration with the world leaders of machinery production. Automation has led to increasing production capacity and providing an even higher quality of product.

  • Laser tube welding enables the precision of 0.01 mm
  • Robotized laser welding machines ensure high speed, precision and beauty of the welded seam. The welding coefficient is 1.
  • The automated polish machine ensures a high quality polish of flat and round tubes
  • The programmable automated tube bending press creates perfectly proportioned geometrical products
  • Plasma polish equipment produces mirror-like tube surface, with the class 12 specification (class 14 being the standard for mirror surfaces)
  • The shrink wrap machine guarantees item safety during storage and shipping and prevents unwarranted unwrapping.

The unique production technologies:

1. ROBOTIZED LASER WELDING MACHINE “RODOMACH-360” - used by Terminus exclusively.


  • The welding coefficient of the welded seam is 1 (throughout the depth of the seam);
  • Robotized welding preserves the symmetry of a finished product;
  • It enables observing perfect geometric measurements (geometry class 4);
  • It ensures the aesthetics of the welded seam (even and precise);
  • It provides 100% tightness of the welded seam.

2. CONTACT-RELIEF WELDING MACHINE “IRON CONNECT” - is unprecedented among other national manufacturers


  • Enables to manufacture models comparable with European brands (like Zehnder)
  • Produces a reinforced welded seam thanks to welding metal at a molecular level



  • The folding feature ensures the compact yet roomy and convenient design of the product

  • It enables even circulation of the heat carrier distributed throughout the product, regardless of the position of the shelf.