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Our Team

What makes a company successful? Without any doubt, its personnel is crucial in this respect, as well as the way the staff interact and exchange their ideas and experience.

The Terminus founders have invested much time and effort to bring about an inspiring and stimulating atmosphere and attract real professionals in order to create their towel radiators. The employees' high level of competency, their experience and knowledge – all these allow the enterprise to grow and evolve.

The evolution of a company needs to take place in conjunction with its staff's development. This is what the founders of Terminus think. The employees' passion for learning and perfecting their skills has always been supported and encouraged by the company. In order to increase the employees' proficiency level and foster a close-knit working community, the company regularly organizes:

  • Training sessions and sessions for upgrading skills;
  • Conferences and get-togethers aimed at sharing experience;
  • Team-building and other sport and recreation activities.