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About Company

Terminus is the largest manufacturer of towel warmers and design radiators in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

The Terminus  facilities are located in the industrial town of Electrostal, a Moscow suburb. They include two production plants and a complex of warehouses and administrative buildings, comprising an overall area of 17,000 km2.

Production runs nonstop 24/7, yielding high efficiency and timeliness of order completion.

The principal warehouse has the capacity to store 80,000 items. The proficient maintenance of storage processes provides optimal conditions for product storage and shipments. 

Main Principles of Terminus' production process:

  • High standards of raw materials. Terminus only works with the high quality steel AISI 304L. Laser welding technology is used for tube welding, which guarantees long-term durability even in the presence of excess pressure. All raw materials used in production have certificates of compliance with technical standards.

  • Quality control at each production step. The quality management at Terminus assumes every employee's personal responsibility for their work results. All Terminus towel warmers undergo pneumatic and hydrostatic tests at the pressure of 18 atmospheres.

  • Using reliable suppliers. Parts and accessories undergo thorough control before being installed onto the towel warmer.

  • Original high technology equipment.  The Terminus production facilities are equipped with cutting-edge automated machinery, which ensures manufacturing unique high-tech products of superior quality, an ideal shape and long-term durability.

  • Creating a safe and environmentally friendly product.  Terminus is an exemplary contemporary manufacture, where the use of the newest technologies  promotes providing safe conditions of labor for its employees, energy efficiency and environmental awareness.