Terminus high quality towel warmers are the result of years of experience and the knowledge of production technology. Each stage of the production process is carefully monitored so that the final product meets the highest expectations of our customers.

The advantages of Terminus towel warmers:

  • A robotized laser welding machine ensures reliability.
  • A safety factor of a weld = 1
  • All Terminus towel warmers are made of eco-friendly and hypoallergenic stainless steel AISI 304l
  • The perfect geometry of the products is achieved due to the modern robotized machines.
  • The 12th class of polishing enables us to achieve a mirroring effect on the surface of the product 
  • Quality certificates confirm the high level of safety and reliability of the products
  • 10 years quality guarantee
  • Intermediate quality inspections will not place a defective product on the shelves of a shop
  • The use of the unique tube shapes with no analogue in the domestic market
  • The design of the premium products is developed by an Italian designer Antonio Ruggiero 
  • The patented technology "EUROTEN" is used in the production of electric towel warmers. This technology saves electricity and protects the product from overheating and overcooling
  • The hidden connection enables you to connect an electric towel warmer with no external wires.