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Technologies and equipment

We have developed the new equipment for TERMINUS together with the world leaders of machine building. Automation has increased production capacities and provided higher quality products.

  • Laser tube cutting with the precision up to 0.01 mm
  • Robotized laser welding installation provides precision and aesthetics of the weld. Welding index = 1
  • Automated polishing machine provides high quality of grinding profiles and round tubes
  • Automated bending press with programmable control produces perfectly proportioned products with the proper geometry
  • Plasma polishing equipment provides a mirroring surface corresponding to the 12th class of polishing (the 14th class is a mirror surface)
  • A shrink wrap machine ensures safety of products during transportation and storage and provides tamper resistance.

The unique technology of production: :


The advantages:

  • welding index is 1 (across the entire thickness of metal);
  • the symmetry of the product is maintained while performing robotized laser welding
  • it enables you to achieve a perfect geometrical products (4 class geometry);
  • an aesthetic weld (even and neat);
  • 100% weld tightness;

2. PROJECTION WELDING MACHINE "IRON CONNECT" is unique among Russian manufacturers

The advantages:

  • producing the similar models of European brands (zehnder);
  • providind a reinforced welded seam by fusing the metal at the molecular level;


The advantages:

  • the function of a folding shelf makes the product compact and yet very spacious and comfortable
  • the technology provides even circulation of the heat carrier throughout the product, including the shelf regardless of its position.